Code Plug Download Work Around

I have uploaded the newest Ohio Codeplug with local add on Sen EOC and the analog KB8EOC repeater.
I also added local members KD8LLS, KD8RSS, W8IJL, N8OHO, KC8BUI and W8ERW.

There is a bug with the download when using MS Edge. MS Edge tries to display the file as a webpage. I found a work around by compressing the file to .zip, MS Edge will now download the file.
If you are using a Microsoft browser click on the “Tiffin DMR Codeplug 1.4 zip” You can then unzip the file for use.

Chrome and Firefox user can download the “Tiffin DMR Codeplug 1.4” file.
I have not tried any other browsers.

If you have any questions just give me a shout.

Daniel Rinaman

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