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Annual Pizza Party

The Seneca Radio Club would like to invite the ARES members and all Amateur Radio Operators to their annual pizza party get together.

Fort Ball Pizza Palace 91 N Washington St, Tiffin, Oh.
The party will be Dec. 12, 2016
Start time is 6:30 PM.
You pay for your own meal.
Scott Yonley N8SY the ARRL Ohio Section Manager plans to attend.
All are welcome, amateur radio operators, spouses, kids, and friends.

MARS Information Release COMEX 16-4 Information

TO:  Region AF MARS Directors

RE:  MARS Information Release  COMEX 16-4 Information

Please disseminate to all AF MARS Members and to Amateur Radio lists and service organizations

Subject:  Military Auxiliary Radio System to Conduct Interoperability Exercise with Amateur Radio Community, COMEX 16-4

From 30 October through 1 November, members of the Military Auxiliary Radio System (both branches)will be conducting a quarterly Department of Defense Contingency Communications exercise. The purpose of this quarterly exercise is train on our ability to provide communications following a “very bad day” scenario when traditional forms of communications will likely be unavailable. While the simultaneous loss of all communications nation-wide is not likely, for training purposes, we are assuming there has been a massive nation-wide outage.

One of the objectives of this exercise is to continue the partnership with the amateur radio community to help provide information about local conditions and send this information to the Department of Defense to help understand what is happening around the United States.  During this exercise, we will use 60 meters, local VHF and UHF repeaters as well as HF NVIS amateur radio bands. Our goal is to have a conversation about the local conditions in and around your county. During the conversation, our operators will be asking basic questions such as the status of commercial power, public water systems, and road conditions. These will be person to person conversations…you don’t need to use any digital modes or know any special messaging formats.

To kick off this exercise, we are encouraging the amateur radio community to monitor 5,330.5KHz from 0300-0400 Hrs Zulu on 31 October. During this hour, we will be doing a high power voice broadcast from a military station on the east coast and alternate with a voice broadcast from the west coast. Amateur radio operators are encouraged to submit a reception report as indicated in the voice broadcast.

For the remainder of the exercise, MARS personnel will be calling for amateur radio operators on the 60 meter channels as well as using already established amateur radio nets on HF NVIS and VHF/UHF repeaters.  Amateur radio operators are also invited to attend the ARRL webinar scheduled for 25 Oct at 2000 hrs eastern time where Dave Stapchuk, Chief AF MARS, and the Army MARS Program Manager will give a presentation about the MARS program. Please register for the webinar at:…/4300481724544982273

If you have further questions about this exercise, please email: .

Jodie Rouse

Region Seven Public Affairs Officer

Missouri State Director


2016 Seneca County Fair

Again this year the Seneca County ARES will have a display setup up in the garage area of the Public Safety Building.

We will need help with setup on July 24th at about 1:00pm.

Help with manning the booth all week (July 25-31) is also needed so any time you can come out and help would be greatly appreciated.

For more information contact Dan KC8PBU on the 145.150 repeater.



The Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard are sponsoring the annual military/amateur radio communications tests in celebration of the 66th Anniversary of Armed Forces Day (AFD).

The AFD Military/Amateur Crossband Communications Test is conducted 14 May 2016. The annual celebration is a unique opportunity to test two way communications between Amateurs and military communicators authorized in 47 CFR 97.111, and features traditional military to amateur cross band SSB voice, Morse Code, practice using legacy interoperability waveforms, as well as an opportunity for Amateurs to utilize more modern military communications modes such as MIL-STD Serial PSK and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE). New for Armed Forces Day this year, military stations and amateur radio operators are authorized to directly communicate on the 60 Meter interoperability channels.

These tests give Amateur Radio operators and Short Wave Listeners (SWL) an opportunity and a challenge to demonstrate their individual technical skills, and to receive recognition from the appropriate military radio station for their proven expertise. QSL cards will be provided to those stations making contact with the military stations.

More Information 


Talk with Dr. Bob Heil

January 11, 2016 the Seneca Radio Club will have a visit by Dr. Bob Heil via Skype.
We will be meeting in the training room at the Seneca County Public Safety Building.
The time will be 7:00 PM.
First licensed in 1956, Amateur Radio has been the foundation of my careers in the sound reinforcement industry as well as bringing high quality, articulate audio to Amateur Radio. Entering this great hobby during the best sun spot cycle helped me to focus on designing and building one of the first VHF SSB KW stations. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed designing many antennas, from the 128 element two meter ”J’ Beam array in 1960 to the latest – phased arrays on 40 and 75 meters. I enjoy all of the bands from 160 meters through two meters working my many friends and especially newcomers to this great hobby. see more
Come on out and join us at this fun event and bring your questions for Bob.

November 9th Meeting

Our next meeting will be at the Seneca County EOC located at the Seneca County Fairgrounds.

We will be having Elections and a short business meeting and then a presentation from Dan Callahan W8MTD  and Jeff Potteiger WB8REI about ‘MAGNETIC LOOP ANTENNAS’

We will be in the training center downstairs of the EOC for the antenna talk and all are welcome to come and talk about this type of antenna.