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Code Plug Download Work Around

I have uploaded the newest Ohio Codeplug with local add on Sen EOC and the analog KB8EOC repeater.
I also added local members KD8LLS, KD8RSS, W8IJL, N8OHO, KC8BUI and W8ERW.

There is a bug with the download when using MS Edge. MS Edge tries to display the file as a webpage. I found a work around by compressing the file to .zip, MS Edge will now download the file.
If you are using a Microsoft browser click on the “Tiffin DMR Codeplug 1.4 zip” You can then unzip the file for use.

Chrome and Firefox user can download the “Tiffin DMR Codeplug 1.4” file.
I have not tried any other browsers.

If you have any questions just give me a shout.

Daniel Rinaman

Seneca Fair Days Special Event Station

The Seneca Radio Club will be operating the Seneca Fair Days Special Event Station at the fairgrounds. The Seneca County Fair will be celebrating their 175th anniversary July 24-July 30! Our fair theme this year is “175 years and still going strong”.

Please send QSL card and SASE for return card to:
Seneca Radio Club W8ID
Dan Rinaman AC8NP
55 Longfellow Dr.
Tiffin, OH 44883


2017 Seneca County Fair

Hi Everybody,

Looking to get help for the Amateur Radio coverage at the Public Safety Building during the fair.

Please look over the schedule, let me know if there are days and times that you would like to sign up for.

I will keep a calendar and publish it back out to all on a daily basis (or so) so all can see what’s going on scheduling wise.

Setup will be 1:00 Sunday the 23rd

I will have admission tickets available, please contact me in advance of your shift.

Signing up for part of a shift is fine.

Sign up for a many as you would like to cover.

I’m using the ARES database for this, if there are others that need notified please advise.


Dan Stahl – KC8PBU